Social Health

Project Description

Research shows that social integration – how much we interact with people – is the number one factor to living a long life*. Connecting to others, whether that be in a professional or personal context is essential to our growth and development.
Furthermore, having a trusted support network can help prevent depression, isolation and loneliness, supporting our mental health.

Good social health is when we can easily adapt to different social situations and people without compromising ourselves in any way. Cultivating healthy relationships and engaging with a community can be rewarding, promoting a sense of belonging and security.

At Wellness for Life we support social health by sharing skills that:

– Improve relationships with partners, peers, family, friends and colleagues
– Encourage empathic communication to better connect with others
– Help you to set healthy boundaries to create empowering relationships
– Build self esteem and confidently maintain a strong sense of self
– Promote more understanding of others with less judgments
– Develop active listening to truly understand the needs ad wants of others

Project Details