Physical Health

Project Description

At Wellness for Life, we believe that the four main aspects of our health are inherently connected – physical, mental, emotional and social. When an imbalance or dis-connection between these four parts occurs, dis-ease is the result. The most
apparent place for disease, sickness, injuries or illness to show up is in our body. This is why we take a preventative stance on physical health. By cultivating good eating, sleeping and exercising habits, we strengthen our body, both internally and externally. In turn, this can optimise functionality and movement, increase vitality and longevity and enhance the quality of our life.

Our wellness programmes support the body to:

– Strengthen the immune system to fight off viruses and infections
– Balance the nervous system to avoid neurological disorders
– Enhance cardio-vascular functioning and blood circulation
– Improve postural alignment and prevent muscular tension
– Increase breathing and lung capacity to minimise respiratory diseases
– Support the digestive system and conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome
– Strengthen muscles and bones, reducing the extent of physical injuries

Project Details