Mental Health

Project Description

With growing emphasis on mental health nowadays, it is surprising how much stigma still exists around it, especially in working environments. This makes it difficult for so many people to communicate how the are suffering mentally or to reach out for support. What’s more, when we are so engulfed in the stress of daily life, we often do not realise when our mental health is being impacted. Our Wellness for Life facilitators are trained in Mental Health First Aid, Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and more. As such, our well-being training focuses on creating and maintaining a healthy state of mind. How? By sharing tools and techniques that help you become aware of attitudes, beliefs, negative self talk, self sabotaging thoughts and fixed and limited mindsets. Once you become aware of the monkey mind, it is easier to manage and helps you to:

– Manage anxiety, overwhelm and emotional states such as depression
– Increase focus, attention and cognitive function
– Be aware of judgements to think more curiously, creatively and innovatively
– Create mental clarity, resiliency and a sense of inner peace
– Find purpose and joy in your life, so you can live your potential
– Become more self aware and instinctive to make even better choices
– Develop a healthy attitude towards stress, preventing exhaustion and burnout

Project Details