Emotional Health

Project Description

Emotional Health is often closely linked to mental health, in so far as it is usually difficult to separate how we think from how we feel. When we are able to recognise our own emotions and distinguish one from the other, we not only become more aware of ourselves, but also of others. This is what being emotionally intelligent is about.

One of the best aspects of emotionally intelligence is that we are better able to manage our impulsive reactions. Instead we can choose whether we want to respond or react to any given situation, which ultimately saves us energy…..energy that can be used elsewhere in our life.

Our courses emphasise the importance of good emotional health so you can:

– Become more self aware and learn skills to manage your emotional state
– Recognise your emotions and build confidence in expressing them
– Improve impulse control, to reduce habitual outbursts
– Shift from automatic, reactive behaviours to conscious and effective ones
– Enhance emotional agility, separating emotions from who you are
– Make decisions based on values and goals rather than reactions
– Build self confidence and improve relationships with others

Project Details