Corporate Well-Being Programmes

Invest in your Employees so your Company can Thrive

Corporate Well-being Programmes

We believe that the success of any business begins with its people. The better the physical and mental health of the staff, the better placed the business is to thrive. Equipping employees, managers and leaders with the skills and know-how to develop self-awareness, a strong sense of identity and resiliency supports individual as well as company growth. How? By harnessing personal values and strengths, then marrying them with a company’s values and objectives.

Our tailor-made, corporate wellness solutions are interactive, dynamic, engaging, whilst informative and transformational. They promote effective self-leadership and empowering, working relationships, that are based on empathic, confident communication, trust and mutual respect so everyone can reach their potential.

  • Manage Stress to Prevent Burnout

    Improve mental health, regulate anxiety and overwhelm and create the capacity for innovative and creative thinking.

  • Increase Productivity, Reduce Absenteeism

    Develop skills to improve focus, concentration and self awareness to minimise presenteeism.

  • Reduce Staff Turnover

    Retain talent by nurturing the growth and development of employees, increasing their motivation and morale.

  • Build Resilience and Confidence

    Cultivate mental agility and emotional flexibility to effectively respond to change, challenges and adversity.

  • Enhance Emotional Intelligence

    Remain calm and manage reactions to make informed, objective decisions. Learn how to strengthen relationships.

  • Create Sustainable Behavioural Change

    Create on-going, internal employee support structures through our mentorship and coaching programmes.

Who We Help

At Wellness for Life, we are very experienced in helping people from all walks of life. We provide bespoke programmes for individuals and have a high level of expertise in business, education and sports

What we do

At Wellness for Life, we instill a culture of well-being within the workplace, by first coaching mentors, leaders and managers. When beliefs are filtered from leaders and senior managers to their teams, they can cultivate trust and strengthen the connection between them. Sustainable transformation can then occur within an organisation’s culture. We believe that all businesses begin with their people. The healthier the staff, the better placed the business is to thrive and succeed. Investing in an employee’s mental, emotional, social and physical health contributes towards a well-balanced workforce. Furthermore, recognising the connection between the mind and body helps to understand how feelings, thoughts, beliefs and attitudes can positively or negatively impact biological functioning. The ability to manage the mind and emotions nourishes and supports a healthy body, which in turn can empower employers and employees to live a happy life, at work and home.

How we do it

An initial in-depth audit and assessment provide us with a clear understanding of an individual business’s unique requirements. From here, we can chart a plan to address specific needs and deliverables. Wellness for Life’s health and well-being programmes are comprehensive in scope and can include a combination of, or all of the following:
  • Physical stress release classes, meditations and visualisations
  • Nutrition and sleep coaching
  • Self-care techniques
  • Communication strategies for an empathetic and empowering manner
  • Introduction of kindness, gratitude and vulnerability into work ethics

How you benefit

Feeling well is good but feeling on top of the world is preferable. Thankfully, with the help of our programmes, it’s also realistic and achievable. Our coaching is proven to help employees and employers:
  • Improve mental health, physical posture and emotional resilience at work
  • Optimise performance by developing an awareness of work-life balance
  • Reduce absenteeism – fewer sick days equals increased productivity
  • Increase presenteeism – allowing maximum focus on and engagement with the task at hand
  • Manage anxiety through consistent and transparent communication
  • Develop a healthy attitude towards stress, preventing exhaustion and burnout

What we do

Academic education can be stressful for many reasons - exam stress, peer pressure and physical, hormonal and general life changes to name but a few. Wellness for Life’s Health and Well-being programmes for education support and enhance learning by equipping students with the necessary life skills to cope during challenging and transitional times in their academic lives. Our 360-degree approach to well-being focuses on the connection between social and emotional health and physical and mental health. We believe that learning to eat healthily and re-energise by improving sleep quality provides the brain and body with maximum energy. Developing a healthy relationship and attitude towards stress and learning how to harness it, can optimise academic performance. Understanding how to practice self-care, set healthy boundaries and be kind towards oneself and others, are just some of the skills we share throughout our coaching.

How we do it

Our experienced coaches are trained to design and deliver physical stress release programmes and exercises that strengthen neural pathways in the brain. Our training is based on the principles of Positive Psychology, Neuroscience, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. We break these down into digestible and practical strategies, that can help both students and teachers to create optimum health.

How you benefit

Adopting an integrated approach to wellness is integral to the development of well-rounded students and teachers. Our coaching helps to:
  • Nurture psychological and emotional well-being within education
  • Manage anxiety and depression
  • Develop the ability to cope with academic pressures
  • Create joy in learning and transform failure into success
  • Cultivate optimum mental and physical health and postural alignment
  • Improve social relationships with peers and family
  • Build self-esteem, confidence and develop a healthy self-image

What we do

Physical strength is just one aspect of any sportsperson’s game. The ability to draw upon mental reserves while remaining emotionally stable is a key philosophy we teach here at Wellness for Life. We ensure that the mind, body emotions connection is nurtured to optimise performance, strengthen resilience and increase flexibility. We also impart vital knowledge to manage negative thoughts – a strategy proven to impact physical behaviour and decision making positively. Our coaching for sports includes breath work that connects the mind and body, optimising physical and mental endurance. We also incorporate other breathing techniques help to regulate emotional reactions and balance the nervous system when performing under pressure. When we learn how to master the breath, we learn how to be in control of our lives. Self-care and values such as compassion, kindness and gratitude also feature prominently in our coaching programmes. We emphasise the importance of rest, recovery and sleep and educate on the importance of cultivating healthy relationships with oneself to help to reach full potential.

How we do it

We design bespoke health and well-being programmes to support peak performance training and physical conditioning. Our breath and bodywork help to manage stress and create optimum physical health while our research-backed exercises for the mind help to improve mental clarity and focus.

How you benefit

Sometimes it is the most straightforward tools and techniques that can make the most significant difference to an athlete or sportsperson’s game. When given the know-how and the right tools, we can help you:
  • Manage fatigue and physical stress to prevent exhaustion and burnout
  • Improve performance, lung capacity and cardiovascular functioning
  • Reduce stress and anxiety and calm nerves
  • Improve mental, physical and emotional balance and postural alignment
  • Increase focus, mental clarity and resiliency to deal with setbacks
  • Strengthen the body and mind to avoid injuries
Continuous Assessments and Programmes
  • Tailor-made, delivered on-site or remotely with a feedback loop for measurement and evaluation
Physical Stress Release Classes
  • Designed to develop resiliency and flexibility by stretching and strengthening the body
Health and Nutritional Advice
  • Essential dietary and well-being advice to assist with the optimisation of the body’s fuel and mental capacity. We provide the data and options to help you make informed and balanced choices
Sleep Improvement Tools
  • Insight and knowledge to help you understand the importance of rest and recovery for increased output and energy levels

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