Health and Well-Being coaching for Sports

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What we do

Physical strength is just one aspect of any sportsperson’s game. The ability to draw upon mental reserves while remaining emotionally stable is a key philosophy we teach here at Wellness for Life.

We ensure that the mind, body emotions connection is nurtured to optimise performance, strengthen resilience and increase flexibility. We also impart vital knowledge to manage negative thoughts – a strategy proven to impact physical behaviour and decision making positively.

Our coaching for sports includes breath work that connects the mind and body, optimising physical and mental endurance. We also incorporate other breathing techniques help to regulate emotional reactions and balance the nervous system when performing under pressure. When we learn how to master the breath, we learn how to be in control of our lives.

Self-care and values such as compassion, kindness and gratitude also feature prominently in our coaching programmes. We emphasise the importance of rest, recovery and sleep and educate on the importance of cultivating healthy relationships with oneself to help to reach full potential.

How we do it

We design bespoke health and well-being programmes to support peak performance training and physical conditioning. Our breath and bodywork help to manage stress and create optimum physical health while our research-backed exercises for the mind help to improve mental clarity and focus.

How you benefit

Sometimes it is the most straightforward tools and techniques that can make the most significant difference to an athlete or sportsperson’s game. When given the know-how and the right tools, we can help you:

  • Manage fatigue and physical stress to prevent exhaustion and burnout
  • Improve performance, lung capacity and cardiovascular functioning
  • Reduce stress and anxiety and calm nerves
  • Improve mental, physical and emotional balance and postural alignment
  • Increase focus, mental clarity and resiliency to deal with setbacks
  • Strengthen the body and mind to avoid injuries