Mindfulness Programmes for Business

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What we do

Our well-recognised work with schools led us to a critical discovery: there is a potential gap between the corporate world and the next generation entering the workforce.

Closely aligned to the Millennials, we’ve coined a term for this successive cohort – the Mindful Generation. We work in tandem with companies and schools to bridge this gap.

Our mindfulness programmes support the psychological well-being and enhance the emotional intelligence of both employees and employers. We help to cultivate a workforce that is acutely self-aware and able to remain focused and absorbed in the present moment despite chaotic situations and distracting, external circumstances.

We maintain a culture of mindfulness in the workplace through our mentorship programmes, for leaders, designed to implement and sustain positive behavioural change within any business.

How we do it

Our mindfulness programmes are founded on Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR, a concept pioneered by the University of Massachusetts’ Medical Centre). Practising mindfulness regularly and making it a behavioural habit, helps us to slow down and observe what is occurring around us. Through this process, we can learn to de-clutter our minds, differentiate thoughts from facts, emotions from who we are and reality from perception. Implementing mindfulness into our daily work practice can help us to create a healthy and joyous working environment.

How you benefit

Helping businesses and their workforces to grow and develop is at the heart of everything we do. We help you to thrive and advance by:

  • Developing the skills to quickly and effectively adapt to change and unpredictable situations
  • Increasing empathy within the workplace and improving employee/employer relations
  • Optimising employee engagement and productivity through focused attention
  • Limiting external distractions to enhance problem-solving
  • Training you to think creatively, divergently and innovatively
  • Guiding you to cultivate emotional awareness to aid objective decision making