Resilience for Sports

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What we do

For the most part, we believe that ‘the game’ is 90% mental and 10% physical. In our opinion, this relates to almost every sport, though clearly, we recognise that there has to be an innate skill or aptitude.

Time and time again, it has been proven that mental and emotional resilience training is the added edge that helps sportsmen and women go that extra mile when faced with what seems to be the impossible.

We do so much more than train for resiliency. Some of the most disappointing and frustrating times for an athlete or sportsperson is brought about through injury. Anxiety, stress and depression feed off circumstances when self-identity and purpose are linked to performance. Our resilience training nurtures and maintains a healthy mindset to enhance recovery.

How we do it

By creating space between our thoughts, emotions and a given situation, we can make wise, and well-informed choices. Based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, our resilience training cultivates self-regulation and the ability to bounce back during challenging situations. Rather than be driven by emotional impulses, behaviour is influenced by mental agility and an acute awareness of oneself.

How you benefit

There is no greater feeling than to witness transformation in our clients. Our sports resilience training programmes have provided dramatic results, supporting and empowering athletes and sportspeople to:

  • Optimise physical and mental endurance
  • Banish self-doubt, self-criticism and uncertainty
  • Overcome nerves and combat fatigue
  • Increase the ability to act quickly under duress
  • Transform limiting beliefs and behaviours
  • Cultivate resilience during injury and recovery