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Preparing Year 11's for Exams

Bespoke Content Incorporating Positive Psychology

How we created a two-day resilience retreat to equip students with coping strategies

Having worked with Kellett British International School in other well-being contexts previously, we knew that our job creating a retreat for the Year 11 students would be thoroughly enjoyable. Prioritising the well-being of an enjoyable are so aligned.

We were asked to design a bespoke programme that was dynamic enough for teenagers to feel challenged physically, fun enough for them to be engaged, which also catered for both boys and girls of different cultures. Working with this age group can be rewarding on many levels, one being that they are open to new ideas and are adaptable to change. This is why we created five versions of the retreat until we were all satisfied that the content was as diverse and impactful as possible.

Academic pressures can overwhelm many students regardless of age, especially around exam time. It was important for us to leave practical, tangible tools in their (actual) toolboxes, which they could access independently whenever they felt anxious or stressed. Self-management and self-regulation were two states we endeavored to achieve.

Combining physical exercise, group activities, mindfulness practices, a variety of breath work, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), identifying negative self talk and the inner critic, cultivating emotional awareness and the importance of self-care, ensured that we offered something for everyone.

We were blown away by the vision of all 80 students lying motionless on the floor seemingly engulfed by peace and serenity, as we lead a twenty-minute guided meditation. Our guess is that it made up for them not having access to their mobile phones for two full days!

Video Testimonials

Wellness for Life and Kellett International School
Here's Bhavisha, Head of House for Kellett School talking about why they decided to partner with Wellness for Life and some of the benefits their students experienced after the course.

What impact did we have?

Wellness for Life’s education programmes not only compliment academic learning but prepare students for life after academia. We were reminded of this by one of the students: “There are life values I can take away from the retreat, which don’t just apply to exam stress.”

This was just part of the incredibly positive feedback we received, here’s the general feedback from the course:

Thought the retreat met their expectations
Said they wanted to do the course agai n next year
Enjoyed being away from their phone for 2 days

What our clients say

We think we do a pretty good job here at Wellness For Life, but don’t take our word for it, see what the John Lewis team thought about our course