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Supporting Employees with Remote Working During COVID-19

Social Health Impacting Motivation and Morale

How Wellness for Life helped over 100 staff by providing well-being tools during lockdown

When Lloyds Bank approached us in the U.K. with a brief of needing to support the mental and social health of their staff during lockdown, we knew exactly what to do. Like many companies around the world, COVID-19 has impacted employee moral and motivation and the uncertainty of the future has become overwhelming for so many. Apart from the general challenges of remote working, employees were struggling with anxiety around job security, since Lloyds were undergoing a big re-structure.

Our tailor made programme was designed to give employees simple, yet effective tools to help them on a number of levels. The breathing techniques we shared helped employees manage their stress and anxiety by staying present and also served to improve their sleep, focus and concentration. Physical stress accumulated by sitting down in front of computer screens for long periods of time was addressed with a set of stretches that improve posture and fatigue. How to manage emotions such as fear was a topic covered by our Ted-X motivational speaker, whose dynamic energy always makes an impact with those he works with.

When we asked Business Agility Senior Manager, Amit Chadha why he chose Wellness for Life above other companies, he said “It was the energy, it was the enthusiasm, the 360 degree approach…not only wellness, but mental health, emotional health and physical health” which was the selling point for him. To hear more from Lloyds Bank about how we were able to use our expertise remotely from Hong Kong, Denmark and the U.K. to make a positive changes with their staff,  just click on the videos below.

Video Testimonials

Wellness for Life and Lloyds Banking Group
In this video the team at Lloyds talk about why they decided to choose Wellness for Life as their well-being partner.
Client Feedback - Amit Chadha
Amit Chadha, senior manager at Lloyds talks about how his team and him found the course Wellness for Life delivered
Client Feedback - Sarah Miles
In this video Sarah talks about the benefits the course bought to members of her team and herself.

What impact did we have?

Prior to the emergence of COVID-19, 1 in 4 people globally was already suffering with their mental health according to the World Health Organisation. At Wellness for Life, we believe this to be somewhat of a conservative calculation. Social disconnection, isolation, loneliness, limited access to medical health care, prolonged exposure to stress and anxiety, domestic abuse, increased suicide rates in a number of counties across the world – just to mention a few of the reasons governments need to prioritise that adequate, professional mental health care Its accessible and available to everyone. According to the Harvard business Review, a survey was conducted with over 1,500 respondents across 46 different countries about their well-being during COVID-19. Their findings were:

Those that said worklife was getting worse
Those that said their Well-being had declined
Struggled to manage workload and felt burntout
Those unable to balance work and home life

What our clients say

We think we do a pretty good job here at Wellness For Life, but don’t take our word for it, see what our lovely clients say about our services