Meet the Team

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Mindy Tagliente

Founder / Creator of Well Beings

A natural born communicator and graduate in Modern Languages, Mindy speaks six languages. She began working life as a Children’s Television and Radio Journalist in Hong Kong in 1997. This is where her passion to empower others and her ability to connect to her audience regardless of age, began.

Dynamism and positive energy are two of Mindy’s prominent qualities, that can be felt in all her teachings. Her work has always been grounded in the fundamental belief that true well-being stems from balancing and integrating all aspects of oneself: mental, physical, emotional, social and spiritual. When we are fully connected to ourselves, our connection to others and the world around us can be authentic and impactful.

Inspired and driven by her own life experiences and her love of people, Mindy understood at a young age that self awareness and self acceptance are the keys to living a fulfilled and happy life. She shares this learning with others, so they too can be open to infinite possibilities and live a life of purpose.

Mindy’s love of learning, sharing and continually evolving spans over 25 years. Experience has taught her that we are are never masters, but forever students, because when it comes to people and life, there is always something more to learn.

Sanjit Dhanjal

Business Development Director / Chief Door Opener

Sanjit began his career training as a chartered accountant before quickly realising that his strengths lay in sales and business development. Sanjit comes from a property background where he has set up and managed the sales teams for numerous property companies in the UK taking one start-up company from zero to £2m turnover in just 12 months.

Alongside working in property, Sanjit also trained to be a fully qualified life coach which is where he renewed his passion for wellness. Having studied Employee development at University, the desire to learn more around wellness solutions and helping both companies and individuals proved too difficult to supress. Now as well as still owning a property portfolio in the UK, Sanjit has dedicated himself to wellness.

At Wellness for Life Sanjit primary concern is our clients and ensuring our customer experience is second to none and that our services are aligned to the requirements of our clients. Sanjit heads up the sales and business development function and is a passionate leader driven by results.

Outside of work Sanjit enjoys regularly playing squash, is ecstatic when he is outdoors doing anything and loves to travel.

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Richard Watt

Head of Marketing

Richard’s journey into wellness and health began after suffering a scuba diving accident in Thailand two years ago. Developing a regular mindfulness practice became a key part of his road to recovery and opened his eyes to how the practice can be applied to managing stress, transition and personal and team development in the corporate world.

Richard has lived and worked in Hong Kong for most of his life. He began his career in journalism working at the South China Morning Post before moving into financial services where he has spent more than 12 years managing product marketing teams at multi-national investment banks and asset managers. He has seen how uncertainty and stress can manifest itself negatively in the modern workplace and hopes to bring simple tools and solutions to help people live their full potential.

Richard has a Business Studies degree from the University of Sheffield in the UK.

Julie Dixon

Wellness and Yoga Practitioner

Julie has lived in Hong Kong since 1996 and is a registered 500 hr Yoga Teacher accredited with the worldwide Yoga Alliance. She discovered Yoga after experiencing the immense benefits it had on her well-being, especially after suffering a number of injuries incurred by being a keen marathon runner.

She completes a 300hr training course in India, a comprehensive immersion into YIN and the Five Elements covering Traditional Chinese Medicine (Meridian Yoga, Elemental Yoga and Acupressure Yoga) Meditation and Relaxation Techniques (Myofascial release , Yoga Nidra, Pranayama , massage and Sound Healing ) and Restorative Yoga for stress relief.

Julie’s passion for teaching since 2010 and her recognition of the ever-increasing demand for a more holistic approach to wellness, is what encourages her to further develop her teaching skills. She recently completed an MBSR (Mindful based Stress Reduction) and a CEMB (Cultivating Mental and Emotional Balance) courses, as well as the Next Generation Yoga teacher training, specifically geared towards 8 – 13-year olds. 

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Kate Baldwin

Kinesiologist / Mindfulness Practitioner

Kate is a Mindfulness & Meditation Coach and Kinesiologist, who began practicing Vipassana meditation more than ten years ago alongside MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction), to combat chronic health issues and anxiety that she experienced herself, and saw in so many others, whilst working in the corporate world.

A registered practitioner with the U.K. Kinesiology Federation, Kate has over 800 hours of Kinesiology training (NK Institute, Australia). Her training incorporates NeuroEnergetic Kinesiology, Applied Physiology, counselling, coaching, energetic health, needle-less acupuncture, dietary support, emotional awareness and behavioural patterns, amongst others. She helps clients find and address the causes of health, emotional and developmental problems and assists with their recovery and achieving goals.

Kate co-wrote and coaches the Inner Rainbow Mindfulness Programme for adults and children and is trained to teach both ‘paws b’ and ‘.b’ – the Mindfulness In Schools Project’s primary and secondary. Her passion to help others live a healthier, happier and more balanced life is what propels her to deliver an extensive range of mindfulness, well-being, stress-reduction and self-connection workshops and programmes to both individuals and groups.

Ryan Grimes

Meditation and Mindfulness Practitioner

Coming into the field of wellness field with a background in engineering, management and finance, Ryan brings a unique perspective to mindfulness coaching. He comes from a place of initial skepticism which transformed as he discovered the growing plethora of evidence for the benefits of mindfulness. Originally drawn to mindfulness as a way to increase his patience, Ryan found the well deeper than he expected, reaching into many more aspects of his life.

With a degree in mechanical engineering (BS) from Kettering University and an MBA from the University of Michigan under his belt, Ryan decided to become a mindfulness meditation teacher and facilitator, qualified to teach Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction programmes (MBSR) designed by the University of Massachusetts Medical School’s Center for Mindfulness. He is also a certified teacher of Search Inside Yourself (SIY), the mindfulness-based emotional intelligence program created and tested at Google.

Ryan’s daily mindfulness and meditation practice and participation in annual silent retreats is where the origins of his work lies. His transformative teachings enhance the lives of those who attend his group classes and corporate workshops and helps to build upon his own practice.                                                                                                                                                                                                            

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