Next Generation Training

Cultivate Self Awareness to Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Next Generation Training

Wellness for Life’s experience working with schools since 2015 is well recognised. Pre-pandemic our work included helping students to harness their potential, which led us to a critical discovery.

We identified a potential gap between the corporate world and the next generation entering the workforce.

Closely aligned to the Millennials, we’ve coined a term for this successive cohort – The Mindful Generation, officially known as Generation Alpha. We work with companies to bridge the emerging gap, by developing social integration programmes that prepare existing employees and leaders for the influx of this acutely self- aware, tech-savvy cohort.

Since The Mindful Generation are highly motivated by social and environmental impact, which reflects the United Nations Social Development Goals, we offer companies specialised training, coaching and consulting in the area of ESG.

  • Prepare for Societal Shifts

    Get ready for fundamentally different career aspirations and mobility. Adapt to an environment with importance on more social impact.

  • Hire and Retain Talent

    Prepare to relate to the incoming cohort by learning skills that focus on topics like immediacy, positive reinforcement and feedback.

  • Place Emphasis on Well-being

    Nurture the growth and development of The Mindful Generation, fostering creativity and innovation, so your company can thrive.

  • Lead with Values

    Motivate and inspire with strong self identity, knowing how to make a difference and how to be of value to the new cohort.

  • Invest in Sustainability

    Focus on changing behaviours and mindsets to match the new work culture and increasing focus on environmental, social and governance (ESG).

  • Communicate with Empathy

    Develop a deeper understanding of employees and colleagues by learning the skill of active listening and empowering conversing.

Who We Help

Wellness for Life’s Mindfulness Programmes are designed specifically for business, education and sports, and are tailored to specific needs and requirements

What we do

Our well-recognised work with schools led us to a critical discovery: there is a potential gap between the corporate world and the next generation entering the workforce. Closely aligned to the Millennials, we’ve coined a term for this successive cohort – the Mindful Generation. We work in tandem with companies and schools to bridge this gap. Our mindfulness programmes support the psychological well-being and enhance the emotional intelligence of both employees and employers. We help to cultivate a workforce that is acutely self-aware and able to remain focused and absorbed in the present moment despite chaotic situations and distracting, external circumstances. We maintain a culture of mindfulness in the workplace through our mentorship programmes, for leaders, designed to implement and sustain positive behavioural change within any business.

How we do it

Our mindfulness programmes are founded on Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR, a concept pioneered by the University of Massachusetts’ Medical Centre). Practising mindfulness regularly and making it a behavioural habit, helps us to slow down and observe what is occurring around us. Through this process, we can learn to de-clutter our minds, differentiate thoughts from facts, emotions from who we are and reality from perception. Implementing mindfulness into our daily work practice can help us to create a healthy and joyous working environment.

How you benefit

Helping businesses and their workforces to grow and develop is at the heart of everything we do. We help you to thrive and advance by:
  • Developing the skills to quickly and effectively adapt to change and unpredictable situations
  • Increasing empathy within the workplace and improving employee/employer relations
  • Optimising employee engagement and productivity through focused attention
  • Limiting external distractions to enhance problem-solving
  • Training you to think creatively, divergently and innovatively
  • Guiding you to cultivate emotional awareness to aid objective decision making

What we do

We create “Mindful Generations” through our expertly designed programmes for both students and teachers. By teaching students how to stay present, they are better equipped to deal with the more stressful times in academic life. Cultivating an awareness of the mind, body, and emotional connection helps them to develop a healthy relationship with themselves, their peers and teachers. Adolescence can be challenging, so learning how to recognise negative self-talk, nurturing a growth mindset and practising self-care can help prepare for transition and unexpected challenges. Our mindfulness programmes are also designed to assist teachers with their own personal growth and development as well as that of their students. Training teachers and staff members ensures that a culture of mindfulness can be instilled throughout the school or educational establishment. This approach encourages sustainable, positive behavioural change throughout the education system.

How we do it

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR, University of Massachusetts’ Medical Centre) underpins most of our training programmes, which can be tailored to support various curriculums. Our coaches are also trained to teach the Mindfulness in School’s Project (MiSP) curriculums -  .b (“dot be”) for ages 11- 18, the paws b (pause and be) for ages 7 – 11 and the .breath (dot breathe) for ages 9 – 14. These comprehensive programmes are created by teachers, mindfulness practitioners and neuroscientists and offer life-time access to course materials, available in multiple languages. This fundamental learning of mindfulness gives every student a psychological and emotional awareness that can offer genuine and lifelong benefit.

How you benefit

Our work with schools is well-recognised and has positively touched the lives of many students and teaching staff worldwide. Our mission is to cultivate a mindful generation and to set a perpetual motion by helping you to:
  • Reduce stress, anxiety, and depression and prevent burnout
  • Improve focus, attention and cognitive function
  • Manage peer pressure and social issues such as bullying
  • Enhance self-awareness, self-acceptance and self-regulation
  • Nurture mental, emotional and social growth, resilience and well-being
  • Foster healthy and empowering relationships through empathy

What we do

Knowing how to make an intuitive decision under pressure is just one of many attributes necessary to excel in competition. Our programmes share tools and techniques to increase mental agility and emotional awareness. A momentary lapse of concentration and the temporary overwhelm of emotions can inhibit the ability to stay present, leading to costly mistakes and even ‘failure’. Our Mindfulness programmes help sportspeople and athletes to remain calm, absorbed in the game and maintain unwavering focus, despite distracting thoughts, behaviours or unfavourable outcomes. Mindfulness practices can help to build endurance and resilience, even outside of the game when dealing with pain, injuries and recovery.  This is just one of the reasons why mindfulness coaching has become popular with leading athletes such as Michael Jordan, Lebron James and Novak Djokovic. – all world-class sportsmen in their respective fields.

How we do it

Our teachers are trained to deliver the 8-week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Programme (MBSR, designed at the prestigious University of Massachusetts’ Medical Centre). Depending on specific requirements, we also create bespoke Mindfulness programmes that can be delivered to athletes and sportspeople, as well as their coaches and trainers. By training the coaches in mindfulness, they can prevent burnout and better manage stress and anxiety for themselves, as well as for those that they coach.

How you benefit

Based on our measurement and evaluation process, mindfulness in sports can improve performance demonstrably. Our programmes can create a competitive edge, unlike no other and help sports people like you to:
  • Reduce the stress hormone cortisol to manage nerves and anxiety
  • Increase the ability to remain “in the zone” despite external stimuli
  • Improve physical, mental and emotional resiliency
  • Create self-awareness and boost confidence
  • Become more instinctive and make better choices
  • Adapt and change to situations in the heat of the moment

8-week Training Programme

  • Delivered on-site or remotely through Webinars inclusive of all course materials

Resource Centre

  • Access to Mindfulness Tools: Meditations / Breathing Techniques and Body Scans

Physical Stress Release

  • 4 x 1-hour Physical Stress Release classes designed and delivered by certified experts

Measured Progress Report

  • 2 personal assessments: at the beginning and end of the 8-week programme.

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