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As the world around us grows more challenging, never has there been a greater need for support with our mental health. Added to the stresses and worries of daily life are the ever present global issues such as diseases, that impact our physical health and political and social unrest, that disturb our mind. The quality of our thoughts, our mindsets and attitudes have a direct effect on how we feel, behave and act.

Our comprehensive online courses and live coaching share simple, practical and effective tools and techniques to enhance self-awareness and self-leadership. We help you to manage overwhelming thoughts and emotions, so that you can live a life of joy, purpose and potential. When you feel in control of your life and are confident in expressing your authentic self, everything and everyone around you can flourish too.

  • Manage Anxiety and Overwhelm

    Adopt a healthy attitude towards stress, reducing mental clutter to become more instinctive and make informed choices.

  • Live a Balanced Life

    Strengthen the body, sharpen the mind, become emotionally intelligent and improve relationships at work, home and with friends.

  • Less Judgements, More Acceptance

    Manage negative self talk, self-doubt, self-criticism, fears and uncertainty, to create more joy in your life.

  • Achieve Transformation and Growth

    Free yourself from limiting beliefs and behaviours and create new habits, that help you reach your potential.

  • Communicate Confidently

    Build self-confidence by learning how to set healthy boundaries and empower others through empathic communication.

  • Build Resilience

    Learn how to respond rather than react to setbacks and challenges. Increase the ability to act with agility when under duress.

Who We Help

As the world around us grows more challenging, the demand for resilience training increases. Never has there been a greater need to build mental strength and agility. That’ s why Wellness for Life has developed a set of comprehensive programmes to support companies, schools and sportspeople in this essential life skill

What we do

We help companies and organisations respond to adversity with speed, agility and flexibility. Our tailor-made resilience training allows businesses to be pro-active so that they can grow and thrive despite unpredictability. By supporting employees, managers and leaders to develop physical, mental and emotional resiliency, they can respond more effectively during times of challenge and change. It is in such times that stress and anxiety can impede employee productivity and engagement. Furthermore, demotivation and lack of morale can lead to depression, detrimentally impacting mental health. Our unique resilience programmes help to create a healthy, happy working environment where employees feel supported and valued by their employers.

How we do it

Understanding the mind from a neuroscientific perspective and utilising Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), offers invaluable insight into how our actions and responses can be limited during times of crisis. Certain situations trigger attitudes, thought processes and emotions, which in turn impact our behaviours, reactions and responses. We will provide you with the tools, techniques and learning to skillfully manage this process. This, combined with in-depth professional goal setting techniques, will improve your ability to respond to situations in a balanced rather than impulsive manner.

How you benefit

We are passionate about supporting businesses to optimise business growth and the development of their employees. Our resilience training helps companies to:
  • Cultivate professional relationships based on mutual trust and respect
  • Improve communication between management and their teams
  • Respond to crisis in an effective and timely manner
  • Reduce staff turnover and absenteeism
  • Create a sense of purpose and joy at work
  • Promote a culture of well-being and self-regulation

What we do

We support academic learning and help both students and teachers to establish a core foundation based on psychological health and emotional and social well-being. We believe that these fundamentals provide the ability to face adversity with strength and confidence. Through our training, students can develop a strong sense of identity, helping them to navigate life during its more stressful or transitional times, or simply to cope with the challenges of adolescence and adulthood. We give them the tools that enable them to establish a healthy connection to themselves and the world around them. Teachers are routinely faced with challenges, which not only impacts their own well-being but in turn, that of their students and colleagues. We give them the tools and techniques for effective self-management, which can be passed on to their students and those around them.

How we do it

Our courses are all tailor-made to fit individual needs and are rooted in Positive Psychology and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. We emphasise the inextricable connection between the mind, body, emotions and behaviours, which ultimately shapes our life experiences. Taking this principle, we design fun and dynamic programmes where students and teachers are able to put into practice the resiliency building tools we share with them. Goal setting is also a critical part of our training. It helps us stay focused despite setbacks and provides a guiding framework to monitor and track progress.

How you benefit

The profound impact that our resilience training has had on both teachers and students speaks volumes about our course content. We are delighted to have imparted the skills and knowledge to help clients:
  • Develop an understanding of self and core values
  • Set healthy boundaries to enhance self-care
  • Build empowering relationships with significant individuals and others
  • Manage anxiety and stress during exam times
  • Prepare mentally, emotionally and socially for academic transitions
  • Maintain behavioural change through on-going evaluation

What we do

For the most part, we believe that ‘the game’ is 90% mental and 10% physical. In our opinion, this relates to almost every sport, though clearly, we recognise that there has to be an innate skill or aptitude. Time and time again, it has been proven that mental and emotional resilience training is the added edge that helps sportsmen and women go that extra mile when faced with what seems to be the impossible. We do so much more than train for resiliency. Some of the most disappointing and frustrating times for an athlete or sportsperson is brought about through injury. Anxiety, stress and depression feed off circumstances when self-identity and purpose are linked to performance. Our resilience training nurtures and maintains a healthy mindset to enhance recovery.

How we do it

By creating space between our thoughts, emotions and a given situation, we can make wise, and well-informed choices. Based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, our resilience training cultivates self-regulation and the ability to bounce back during challenging situations. Rather than be driven by emotional impulses, behaviour is influenced by mental agility and an acute awareness of oneself.

How you benefit

There is no greater feeling than to witness transformation in our clients. Our sports resilience training programmes have provided dramatic results, supporting and empowering athletes and sportspeople to:
  • Optimise physical and mental endurance
  • Banish self-doubt, self-criticism and uncertainty
  • Overcome nerves and combat fatigue
  • Increase the ability to act quickly under duress
  • Transform limiting beliefs and behaviours
  • Cultivate resilience during injury and recovery
Continuous Tailor-Made Programmes
  • Delivered on-site or remotely anywhere in the world via our dedicated learning platform (accessible at your convenience)
Interactive Content
  • A suite of custom-designed activities, quizzes, games and role-play exercises that can be completed individually, in pairs or groups
Experiential Learning
  • Fun and dynamic physical resiliency exercises to consolidate learning
Resource Centre
  • Exclusive access to relevant content for Wellness for Life clients
Tools For Life Toolkit
  • Resiliency resources and practical reminders that can be drawn upon during challenging times

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