The Wellness for Life Candle Meditation

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This is the no excuse one minute candle meditation. Not to be judged by it’s length, the impact of this exercise can be significant.

How to practice The Candle Meditation:

  • Stare at the flame of the candle for 1 minute or as long as the recording lasts
  • Try to keep your eyes fixed on the flame without moving them away at all (you can blink)
  • Repeat this exercise again up to 4 times, if and when needed

Benefits of The Candle Meditation

  • Improves focus, concentration, attention and awareness
  • Improves cognitive performance and reduces distraction
  • Enhances sleep quality
  • Calms the mind and increases inner peace
  • Strengthens the eye muscles

When to practice The Candle Meditation 

  • Anytime you feel anxious, stressed or overwhelmed
  • When you are unable to concentrate or feel distracted
  • Before meetings, presentations, exams  or performance based activities