Who we are

Passionate about Sustainable Wellness

Who We are

Wellness for Life exists to help people and organisations to reach their potential. By achieving balance, wellness and joy in our own lives, we are well-placed to impart the knowledge, expertise and trusted tools and techniques to those who want to make a change for the better.

Intrigued? Read on to find out how our tailored plans, mind and wellness programmes and resilience training can help you, your students or organisation to build mental strength, emotional intelligence and find lasting balance.

Develop Resiliency

Our integrated approach to wellness empowers our clients to grow and thrive, developing a resiliency that allows them to navigate the challenges and hurdles of everyday life. In partnership, we’ll create personalised plans, with defined goals, to help the development of self-awareness, a strong sense of identity and newfound strength to cope with any encounter.

Who Do We Help?

Our practice is about people. We help businesses, educational institutions and individuals achieve sustainable equilibrium. From employers and employees, students and teachers to athletes and sportspersons, parents and caregivers, our tailored plans help you to build the confidence to achieve your dreams and more.

Nurturing Optimal Wellness

Our journey began in 2005 as Yoga for Life. Since then, we have evolved from physical health to adopt a 360°approach to well-being and mental agility. Our integrated approach includes one-to-one and group sessions, counselling, wellness events and retreats – either face-to-face or remotely.

Creating Mindful Generations

Our work with schools is well recognised. We’ve been helping students to harness their potential since 2015, and this journey has led us to a critical discovery. We’ve identified a potential gap between the corporate world and the next generation entering the workforce.

Closely aligned to the Millennials, we’ve coined a term for this successive cohort – the Mindful Generation. We’re working with companies and schools to bridge this gap and are proud to be well on our way to creating a band of self-aware, healthy, happy and buoyant generations.

Our Ethos

Our wellness solutions stem from the belief that true well-being can be created by integrating four main aspects of our health – Mental, Emotional, Physical and Social.

Mental Health – Being aware of thoughts, reactions and judgements, developing a curiosity and openness  to new ideas and harnessing the power of thinking creatively.

Emotional Health – Nurturing a healthy attitude, cultivating emotional intelligence and self-confidence and developing a strong sense of self.

Physical Health – Optimising physical health through sleep, exercise, nutrition, rest and relaxation to manage stress related conditions.

Social Health – The ability to connect and relate to others, establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries and empowering relationships.

Meet those who make it happen

Wellness for Life has over 25 years of experience in Wellness, Mindfulness and Resilience Training

We Help You

Our tailor-made programmes make growth and transformation achievable.

Become Resilient

Thrive during times of adversity, change, challenge and uncertainty

Respond not React

Manage thoughts and emotions to make objective decisions and balanced choices


Enjoy Life, Smile More

Reduce stress, anxiety, depression and overwhelm to avoid burnout and promote a more optimistic outlook on life

Master the Mind

Enhance performance and motivation, boost morale and increase presenteeism

Increase Energy

Optimise health, enhance focus, concentration and productivity

Sustain Transformation

On-going support, assessment and evaluation adapted to maintain transformation and fuel future growth

Meet our Clients

We’re pretty proud of the work we do here at Wellness for Life, but there’s no greater proof of our success than the clients who choose us. Here’s what they say about our transformative services: