Who we are

Passionate about Sustainable Wellness

Who We are

Wellness for Life exists to help people and organisations prioritise well-being, so that they can live their purpose and reach their potential. Our bespoke wellness solutions adopt a comprehensive approach to well-being that cultivates a healthy, authentic relationship with oneself and with others. We empower people to grow and thrive personally, at work, in education and in all areas of life.

Our expertly designed well-being training includes in person and remote courses, coaching, workshops, wellness events and retreats. The effective, practical, easy-to-grasp tools and techniques that we share, cultivate a strong sense of identity, support personal development and enhance self management and (self) leadership. Developing resiliency is required to navigate adversity and challenges of everyday life, to live a fulfilled, joyous and healthy life.

Our Ethos

Wellness for Life was birthed from Yoga for Life, which was set up in 2005. Since then, our focus has evolved from physical health to a 360°approach to well-being. We adopt a four pronged, integrated strategy addressing mental, emotional, social and physical health. In our opinion, one is not separate from the other. It is the awareness of this interconnectivity and acute sense of self that drives potential.

Well-being is a state of existence, which consists of more than just our physical body. By recognising and balancing all aspects of ourselves, we can create true, sustainable well-being and positive behavioural change.

Mental Health
– Being aware of how thoughts, attitudes, beliefs and mindsets create our judgements, outcomes and ultimately our reality
– Becoming mentally agile by being curious and open to new ideas
– Harnessing the power of creative and innovative thinking

Emotional Health
– Recognising and identifying emotions and reactive habits to formulate responsive behaviours
– Fostering emotional intelligence
– Developing self confidence and a strong sense of self

Physical Health
– Optimising physical health through sleep, exercise, nutrition, rest and relaxation
– Managing stress and stress related conditions
– Creating healthy behaviours and habits

Social Health
– Connecting and relating to others through empowering communication
– Establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries
– Ability to handle and act based on different social conditions

Meet those who make it happen

Wellness for Life has over 25 years of experience in Well-being Training, Coaching, Mindfulness and Resilience Training, and Physical Stress Release

We Help You

Our training and tailor-made programmes make growth and transformation achievable and sustainable for both organisations and indoviduals

Become Resilient

Thrive during times of adversity, change, challenge and uncertainty

Respond not React

Manage thoughts and emotions to make objective decisions and balanced choices


Enjoy Life, Smile More

Reduce stress, anxiety, depression and overwhelm to avoid burnout and promote a more optimistic outlook on life

Master the Mind

Enhance performance and motivation, boost morale and increase presenteeism

Increase Energy

Optimise health, enhance focus, concentration and productivity

Sustain Transformation

On-going support, assessment and evaluation adapted to maintain transformation and fuel future growth

Meet our Clients

We’re pretty proud of the work we do here at Wellness for Life, but there’s no greater proof of our success than the clients who choose us. Here’s what they say about our transformative services: